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Solar Underseawalk

Taking a walk on the beach can be very pleasant, but would it not be exciting to take a walk under the water between all the fishes and the coloured underwater world of the north coast? If you would like to experience this unforgettable walk then go on and read more!

1800 Rsp.p.
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Baba Cool Sunset Cruise

A nice cruise on the Indian Ocean is what a lot of people dream about. It does not have to be a dream any more, you can book this special trip on the west coast with Baba Cool Ldt. Enjoy a day trip to Île aux Bénitiers or have a romantic cruise at sunset time.

13000 Rsp.p.
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You want to do something very special on your holiday, something you'll keep in your memory forever? Go skydiving! Adrenalin combined with the beautiful views of the island to guarantee you that special holiday moment!

1050 Rsp.p.
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Swimming with dolphins & watching whales

The intelligent dolphins are fascinating creatures and it is certainly an unforgettable experience to watch them in their environment. Companies like Dolswim can make you have this nice experience. If you would like to find out more about dolphins, then read more.

8000 Rsp.p.
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Fly over Mauritius

A special way to discover Mauritius is from above. The Wings Aviation Club will give you this special opportunity and make your discovery of Mauritius an unforgettable memory.

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