Baba Cool Sunset Cruise

2000 Rs 1800 Rs per person

For a perfect Mauritius holiday it is nearly a must to go on a catamaran cruise. The company Baba Cool on the west coast can make you have an unforgettable cruise on the Sunset Cruiser. At 9 am the excursion starts with a delicious breakfast consisting of hot coffee, fresh milk, tea and bread with butter and different types of exotic marmalade. Cruising over the turquoise water of the Indian Ocean you can see dolphins and if you are lucky you can even go swimming with them. You will also have to opportunity to take a closer look at the beauty of the underwater world of the Indian Ocean as mask, snorkel and fin are provided.

During your exploration of the coral reefs, the team will prepare a delicious lunch of a variety of salads, fresh fish or chicken and for desert you will have a rum-flamed banana. Vegetarian and Hindu menus are possible (upon request). A big variety of soft drinks, wine, beer and other drinks will be waiting for you.
After lunch, the catamaran will anchor in front of the Crystal Rock in a lagoon next to Île aux Bénitiers. Here you can go snorkelling again or visit the island, relax or take a walk on the beautiful beach. At 3.30 pm the cruise will bring you back on land and a minibus will take you back to your accommodation.

If you would like to experience a different kind of tour, Baba Cool also offers a sunset cruise. Here you will start before the sunsets and then you can view the sunset from the boat cruising along the Indian Ocean. With live Sega Music and traditional creole snacks, the evening will be perfect. The boat will stay in the lagoon until 22 pm where you can celebrate a nice holiday.

Pricing details

Full day cruise: 1800 Rs per person
Sunset cruise on exclusive basis: 8500 Rs for 1-10 persons. (return by 19h00)
Sunset cruise on exclusive basis with dinner included: 17000 Rs for 1-10 persons. (return by 22h00)


West Coast Black River


Catamaran cruise - daily from 9 am.
Sunset cruise - departure between 16h30 and 17h00.

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