Solar Underseawalk

1700 Rs per person

You are interested in the exotic underwater world of Mauritius? Then you need to come to Grand Baie to experience the solar undersea walk. Together with a team of 5 professional divers you will have the opportunity to do so.

The team will bring you to the platform of the solar undersea walk which floats in the Indian Ocean and from there you will start your walk. In three metres depth you will walk on the sea ground with a glass cover which will provide you with fresh air all the time and a diver to guide you.

As soon as you hit the sandy floor of the ocean the true beauty of the reefs with the tropical fish and corals will reveal themselves. A camera team will film you during your walk so that you can keep this great memory forever. The divers will provide you with bread so that you can see the fish at first hand and you be able to touch them.

So that the walk will be environmental friendly, the solar undersea walk only uses solar powered compresses.

Everybody above 7 years old can participate in this trip, no matter if you can swim or not.

Pricing details

The price is 1700 Rs/person.
Visitors who do not want to do the walk can watch from the boat for 400 Rs.


Meeting point is at the Solar Seawalk on the main road in Grand Baie (next to Banana Club)


From 9 am - 3 pm every Monday to Saturday (except for Christmas and New Year)

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