13000 Rs per person

If you would like to see Mauritius from above and are a fan of fun and adrenalin you should go skydiving. It is a once in a lifetime chance and one of the best attractions offered here in Mauritius!

Chris and Gaetan are in this industry and with over 22 years of experience they do their work more than professionally. So there should be no worries because you will be in safe hands. Since 2009 you can experience this skydiving on the airport ground of Skydive Austral in Rivière du Rempart.

Only the flight is already amazing as you can see the colourful landscapes from high and the ocean with its impressive reefs. At a height of 10.000ft, which is a 3050m you jump and let all the adrenalin rush to your head.

To be completely safe, you will jump with an instructor and the free fall will last for about 40 seconds. After the 40 seconds and one kilometre before landing you loosen the parachute and with the steering ropes you can direct yourself to a perfect landing.

It is a unique experience that every adrenalin freak should try once in a lifetime!

Pricing details

Price is per Person


Riviere du Rempart, Mapou
Coming from Grand Baie follow the highway in direction of Port Louis and take the exit to Mapou.
You will find the signs for skydive on your left. Follow the bumpy road to the airport area.


8 am - 18 pm Monday to Saturday

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