Fly over Mauritius

8000 Rs per person

Looking at the beautiful landscapes of Mauritius by car or foot can already be very nice, but you can also have the unique experience of getting a view of Mauritius from above.

The Wings Aviation Club offers small flights over various lagoons of Mauritius in a water plane. With a fleet of four planes, the Wing Aviation Club is the only private vendor of this kind.

Starting from Grand Gaube you can, depending on the trip you booked, fly along the north-east coast or even fly along the whole east coast to the small island Île aux Cerfs.

Starting from the water you can see along the coast for kilometres. Up in the air the pilot will explain you some attractions, like the nearby islands Coin de Mire, Flat Island, Round Island and Îlot Gabriel.

First flying over the open water you can sight the impressive Indian Ocean with the mix of blueish and greenish colours and the corals under the water. You can watch all the fisherman, the various boats like catamarans and speedboats and with a bit of luck and a calm sea you can even see giant sea turtles and fish. All the big hotels along the coast will be visible. The small church with the red roof top in Cap Malheureux will get a special look from up there.

While the wind blows around your head and the sea rushes, the pilot will give you some interesting historical or geographic information.

The take off and landing can get refreshing as water will splash you, but as the pilot is very experienced you do not need to worry. You can just relax and enjoy the beautiful views.

A plane can take only the pilot and one passenger at a time. Couples will need to fly separately, but you can meet your loved one up is the sky.

Pricing details

Different length of flights are offered:

Airfield (2 planes)
20 min: 3500 Rs
30 min: 4500 Rs
60 min: 8000 Rs

Seaplane (2 planes)
25 min: 5000 Rs
60 min: 10000 Rs


Grand Gaube
Beach at Paul & Virginie Hotel


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